Asphalt and Aggregate

As a major supplier of construction aggregates, we offer a broad selection of crushed rock, boulders and gravel.

Quality and demand drive our asphalt production.   As a leading supplier & producer  of asphalt in Barbados,  our asphalt plant sets the standard for the production of top-quality asphalt.   Our efficient asphalt plant is capable of producing asphalt for every type and size construction project.   We customize any grade asphalt mix to suit your needs.

We focus our efforts on producing quality materials for our customers that meet the highest standards of specifications.  Product mixes are continually tested by our certified technicians for quality and uniformity.

Our aggregates are used in:

·       ready mix and precast concrete

·       road construction and surfacing

·       sea and river defenses

·       water and effluent filtration

·       pipe bedding


Graded Stone

We are a leading supplier of stone used in construction and building materials.

Our materials are used in ready mix concrete, precast concrete products, asphalt and other construction materials. 

Products offered:

·       face materials

·       fill materials

·       graded materials

So whatever your crushed rock, boulder and gravel needs, we’re sure to be able to help